Laid down by the Big-O!

Everyone has been all over the Chris Brown-Rihanna beating controversy (c'mon, we've all seen the TMZ photo of her face post-beating by now...) that the Big-O has stepped in, and you KNOW it's somethin' serious when Oprah lays it down to ya. (Let's not forgot how she invited author James Frey back just to call him out for lying to her face on her show!)

I mean, who wasn't shocked to see Rihanna and Chris Brown back together after what seemed like a hot Hollywood minute?!

On Oprah's live Friday show, her wise words came towards the end of the discussion about domestic violence when talking about Rihanna and said, 'Love doesn't hurt...If a man hits you once, he WILL HIT YOU AGAIN!'

video from YouTube

Oprah is dedicating an entire show inspired by Rihanna's situation, to domestic violence. If homegirl doesn't check herself, she'll need an 'umbrella-ella-ella-a-a-a!' to cover her beautiful face. Sadly, the singer has given material for O's show at her own expense.





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