Gaga Almighty



The Music Video for Lady Gaga's new single has leaked! Thank God for the internet. This song, is like some bizarre fan-fiction that Stefani Germanotta wrote while she was in her bible studies class at Catholic School. It's real weird. 

In the video Gaga plays Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus's homegirls. Now, I have no religious upbringing (thank you, overeducated, liberal parents!) but I learned about this repentant prostitute in an Art History course I took in college. In the video you can even see her anointing the feet of Jesus…Which is a classic portrayal of her, she's always carrying some kind of ointment jar because she's mad famous for anointing Jesus's feet with her tears.

Unlike Mary Magdalene,  Jesus is not as classically portrayed. Jesus wears a motorcycle jacket, is a total babe rocking cornrows, and has big pouty lips. This music video makes me want to make out with Jesus. 

Apparently the Catholic community does not find this music video offensive, or outrageous. Poor Gaga, is she losing her edge?



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