Lady Gaga: Canceled Concerts and Lupus Rumors

After initially postponing her US tour, Lady Gaga has now canceled all future concert dates in the US, which includes 21 upcoming concerts.   After being left unable to walk following a concert in Montreal, Canada, Lady Gaga is currently preparing to undergo surgery repairing a labral tear in her hip, a surgery that calls for approximately six months of recovery

A hip labral tear affects the ring of soft tissue, the labrum, which lines the outer rim of the hip joint, acting as a socket that holds the femur, or thighbone, in position.  Gaga’s upcoming surgery has ignited rumors that this injury is related to issues caused by lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack its own tissues and organs.  Lupus is most common in women.  Two years ago in an interview with Larry King, Lady Gaga cited a family history of lupus, stating that she herself had not displayed symptoms, but had tested “borderline positive” for the disease.  However, lupus itself is hard to diagnose and the symptoms are often unclear.  As the Mayo Clinic states, no two cases of lupus are the same, and symptoms range from joint pain to facial rashes.

Though Lady Gaga has not released a statement yet either confirming or denying a lupus diagnosis, these rumors are sure to raise awareness for the disease, which currently has no cure and affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, approximately 90 percent of whom are women.  

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