Kopali Organics: Good For You. Good For Farmers. Good For Earth.

logo.gifI'll admit it, I set out to write this post raving about the unexpected delivery of Kopali samples we just received, but I got distracted for a good ten minutes because I was so enjoying my snack of chocolate covered cocoa nibs. Kopali was founded by two pals who were living on a farm in Costa Rica. They watched as low-flying planes sprayed pesticides over not just the farms, but the town's homes and water supply as well. They witnessed the abusive labor practices of the large-scale agrobusinesses. But they also watched as local farmers stood up in the face of pressure from their competitors and continued to use natural and sustainable practices. They knew how much better their products were, both to eat and for the earth, and didn't want to see them suffer under the power of industrial farms.

So they founded Kopali to help support these farmers and connect them to the global market. Their ingredients are sustainably harvested and, as their slogan goes, are 'good for you, good for farmers, good for Earth.' They have four varieties of dried fruit (mango, pineapple, mulberry and goldenberry), five varieties of chocolate covered treats (banana, espresso beans, cocoa nibs, mulberry, gojiberry) and a superfood trail mix. They're chock full of antioxidants and vitamins, are certified organic and are vegan and gluten-free.  You can trust us ladies at BUST, who know a thing or two about good eats, when we say that everything is absolutely delicious. The chocolate covered espresso beans and chocolate covered banana disappeared first, with the dried pineapple finishing closely behind. We just keep telling ourselves it's fine to pig out on these because we're helping the Costa Rican farmers. -Celeste

Photo courtesy of Kopali

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