Kitty-Themed Greeting Cards: Almost Too Awesome for Words

It’s come to my attention that the BUST blog is in serious need of some cat lovin’! Here to fix that urgent dilemma is Etsy user Kate Funk and her kitschy kitty greeting cards. Every card features Kate’s feline friend, AC, impersonating dozens of icons in a variety of scenarios that are ten thousand times cuter (yes, that’s absolutely a real statistic) when a cat is the star. You’ll find AC looking fierce as Dracula, Jaws, the Loch Ness Monster, a criminal, Jaws, or generally sitting in a dorm room, enjoying an outdoor barbecue, being on an acid trip, or just generally swagged out. There’s even a gay pride card, which we should all team up to mail to the weird-o who accidentally set fire to a portion of General Mills’ lawn because he feels as though cheerios are a “homosexual treat”:

Check out the locations where Kate Funk's cards are sold outside of her Etsy shop and peep a few of her creations, below. For more, visit Kate Funk on Etsy. And somebody, please, give that cat some well-earned cat nip!


Images courtesy of Kate Funk on Etsy

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