Kinda Like Halloween, but in July

Growing up in North Carolina suburbia, I was no stranger to a full blown Halloween growing up. When I was in elementary school, the kid to adult ratio in my neighborhood was around 8 to 1, and come Halloween we ran things. Candy was power and the best part of the night was spreading out your winnings on the carpet after a long night and arranging trades before passing out drained from a sugar high.

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Now that I'm in college, I still love overloading on candy necklaces and Reeses, but my favorite part of Halloween is the crazy costumes because, besides basketball, one of the things that UNC does best is Halloween. In the past two years, I've seen more wonderfully creative outfits than I can count. Some of my favorites were a pickle with a yarmulke (it was kosher) and a girl dressed as a karaoke machine (complete with background music and lyrics for people to sing along). If you're an adult that misses the imagination of dress up, join BUSTie Callie Watts as she helps judge One Peculiar Night, a costume contest of the wackiest sorts, where you can enjoy the imagination of Halloween without waiting until October. The best of the bizarre is on July 17th at The Bell House in Brooklyn! ~Hannah

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