Kid Tested, Mother Approved?

Parents everywhere can't agree how they feel about a new breastfeeding babydoll.  Bebe Gloton, developed by a Spanish toy company to promote breastfeeding, is a life-like toy that comes with a halter top with daises-for-nipples.  When the doll's mouth is put near the daisies, it makes sucking noises; if you take it away, it cries for more milk until you burp it.

So, what's the big deal?  It's ''cute'' when little girls feed their dolls with bottles, or even when they play mommy with dolls that poop and pee, but is a breastfeeding doll going too far?  Some have said it sexualizes children and seems pornographic; others that it downplays the realities of motherhood and will ultimately end up encouraging teen pregnancy.  Some more level-headed mothers are pointing out that children mimic what their parents do anyway, so a doll that promotes breastfeeding isn't even necessary.  What do you ladies think?

Photo courtesy of Thingamababy.com (click to read what others think about the toy)!

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