The Splinters' first full-length, Kick, sounds like the sort of music that would be featured on the soundtrack for a fictitious movie called High School Detention.

The album is filled with shuffling guitars and snappy drums, held by the reins of the four girls' vocal harmonies. You can almost hear them rolling their eyes at you, and the gum snapping is heavily implied. The lyrics throughout the album are conversational and often sweet, such as, "You wish my Dad would like you/Well my Dad doesn't like you/And I'm sorry if that offends you," featured on "Sorry," and "I don't like it when you worry/You break my heart in two," on the herky-jerky ballad "Worry." A band only since 2008, the Splinters have already performed at SXSW and played shows with well-known fellow punkers like the now-broken-up Mika Miko. It will be fun to see what they do next.

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