Kick It The Natural Way!

Our good friends over at Jade & Pearl have sent us a fun little care package full of natural goodies designed to make you heal and feel more like yourself. One of the coolest things is the Kick It! Smokers’ Support Kit, which means to do just as it says, help you kick your habit. Encased in the pleasant little gift box is the following:
.75 oz. packet of Sacred Eagle Herbal Smoking Blend
1 oz. bottle of Decompress tincture
1 oz. bottle of Breathe tincture
A Rizla Easy Rolling Machine with Rizla Rice Papers
4 oz. Sacred Eagle Travel Tin

So all in all, you get the whole shebang! You get the herbal blend to replace your tobacco, the papers and the machine to roll your “cigarettes,” tinctures to both help ease the stress of practically going cold turkey and help you breathe better, and the nifty little tin to take your blend on the road. I don’t smoke, but I’m tempted to force this on my boyfriend! (Ha ha…Just kidding, Jess.) Of course quitting smoking is never going to be easy, but what better way than with the support of natural products and (hopefully) all your friends and relatives egging you on.

Check out Jade & Pearl to find out more about their animal cruelty free, wheat free and vegan products, like their array of sea sponges, organic Tea Tree oil antiseptic, First Aid Scar Fade Herbal Healing Salve, and their giant Fit for a Queen Luxury Bathing Kit!

[image: Jade & Pearl site]

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