KFC chickens out


In response to pressures from PETA, KFC Canada has given into their demands to start offering vegan options on their menu. "Un-chicken" nuggets will soon be available in the Canada locations. But really, would any serious vegetarian really need or want to even step foot in a KFC? I've been fortunate to have lived in cities like San Francisco and New York, where I have never found myself without plenty of meat-free options, and I realize not everyone has this luxury, but still...it's KFC! This is the same company that had to pull their "vegetable twister" after it was discovered that they were cooking them in the same chicken grease as the meat. Tastes like...a foul ruse.

Plus, I'm sure that most of us remember that urban legend about Kentucky Fried Chicken having to officially change the company name to KFC when it was found out that they were using genetically modified chickens that were featherless and without beaks. I realize that it was just a cheezy rumor, but I know I certainly never got this image out of my head.

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