Keep the 30 Rock Spirit Alive With the Jack Donaghy Insult Generator

Can you believe that tomorrow is the 30 Rock finale? We're trying not to freak out, as we feel Liz Lemon and the gang still have so much more to teach us, but would we ever be ready for their departure? Fortunately, we're not alone in our pain, and the internet is making our mourning a lot easier. Vulture provided us superfans with a virtual Jack Donaghy to give us a quick retort whenever we need it, because if there's anyone who can get out a good last word, it's Donaghy. It should be enough to keep you from forgetting that tomorrow we will be hearing his last words, but good god, Lemon, it's not like he's dying or anything (oh god, we hope not)! With seven seasons worth of material at our immediate disposal, it's almost like we can go back up to his office whenever we want.

Image via Vulture.

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