Kathy Lee Made Little Girls Work in Sweatshirts in the Heat!
First off let me drop some Ab Fab trivia on you. What is Patsy's full name? The shocking answer below the clip. 

So much magic happens in this clip. First off, how much do you love Roseanne in that backless dress, she looks amazing. 2nd piece of magic: the makeshift martini bar in the bathroom, straight class. I looove that Patsy and Jackie think each other are drag queens and Patsy drops that she was in fact a man for a year but her dick fell off. Old intern and always Ab Fab lover, Jackie tipped me off to the Absolutely Fabulous wikipedia site, which confirms Patsy’s sex change and drops tons of other Fab Facts, such as Patsy’s full name: Eurydice Colette Clytemnestra Dido Bathsheba Rabelais Patricia Cocteau Stone. I also never noticed their fav cocktails are liquors with Champagne? NASTY, I love bourbon and Champagne but together, WTF? Did anyone know Patsy lived in a storeroom on top of a liquor chain called Oddbins! For more crazy facts check out the BBC site. Patsy stared in a string of 1970's adult films as Booberella? How did that episode get passed me?  There is also a page of look a-likes! The winner and my fav after the jump.




I took the quiz too and shockingly I am Edina. I always pegged myself a Patsy. 

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