Karl Lagerfeld To Make Book Fragrance?

Coming from Chanel’s main man, whose personal library houses over 300,000 books, is a rumored fragrance for those who love and long for the romantic smell of musty books over the complete lack of smell from books via computer. According to German papers, FAZ and FOCUS, Lagerfeld is currently working on a fragrance with his publishing company, Edition 7L in collaboration with Gerhard Steidl, the distributer for most of the designer’s photography books. The apptly named Paper Passion perfume will be sold inside hardcover books with pages hallowed out to hold the perfume case. 

This sounds lovely in theory, I do love the way libraries and old books smell, but I’m not totally sure I’d like to smell like them myself. If this rumor is true though, I can’t wait to smell what they come up with!

Karl Lagerfeld's personal library:

[photo: The Selby]

[source: StyleCaster/The Independent]

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