Juliette Lewis @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Upon discovering that Juliette Lewis was going to be playing in Brooklyn to promote her new album Terra Incognita, it wasn't at all odd to me that I wanted to go - even though I don't own any of her albums, or know any of her songs. I can only imagine that this is the sort of thing that actors and actresses in bands hate, and why Jared Leto of 30STM fame prefers to keep on the down low (meaning he wears lots of makeup) in his own celeb-fronted band, but sometimes a person is just drawn to a good show. Sometimes a person just wants to go see a celebrity sing and dance. When Lewis performed for a packed audience the other night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, she danced and danced and DANCED in a way that implies that she has probably been taking pilates for like, years. 

At the start of her set, Lewis ran onto the stage in a flash of blue hair and feathers and plunked down behind some drums to kick out a few high energy beats. Her spandex otufit for the evening (girl loves a bodysuit) consisted of a black, sleeveless top, that was attached to some stretchy leggings with a clip of some sort. "She's totally gonna take off her pants," my friend turned to whisper to me early into the show. We spent the rest of our time there shooting elbows or looks at each other whenever we thought the spandex dropping was about to happen, but it never did. 

Lewis' style is pure rock, with a bit of blues thrown in. As she snaked and slithered and punctuated lyrics with Jagger-esque poses - arms pointing up to the lights, hip jutted out just so, her fans lost their minds and reached out for her, mouthing all the words with pained expressions on their faces. From time to time she would toss out some banter, and at one point she made mention of the band's merch booth at the venue, and how t-shirt and CD sales at shows kept their van full of gas. "What about Gilbert Grape?" My friend joked. "What about Cape Fear? I said in retort.  

In summation: Juliette Lewis is nutty, and wears feathers, and I love her. 

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