Judd vs. Palin Smackdown!

Just when you thought that Sarah Palin had finally receeded into the back of our national consciousness like a bad dream, she's in the news again. This time, according to CNN , it's because her continued 'support for aerial wolf-hunting has sparked a heated cross-country war of words between the governor and an environmental ad campaign fronted by the actress Ashley Judd, with Palin calling the organization funding the ads an 'extreme fringe group.''

Take a look at the ad in question above (as long as you can stomach a bit of graphic wolf carnage) and let us know - does it strike you as extreme and fringey or is it a valuable instrument of awareness raising?

If your opinion falls into the latter category, you can check out the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund's new Web site dedicated to exposing Palin's anti-conservation agenda at EyeOnPalin.org .

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