Join the Fight Against Against Breast Cancer with A Vibrator


Now here's a sex toy that will make you feel good for multiple reasons: 10% of proceeds from Natural Contours' Petite Pink Ribbon vibrator will go to Breast Cancer Action (BCAction.org) in the United States. BCA, a grassroots breast cancer advocacy and education organization, does not accept donations from companies contributing to the cancer epidemic, and unlike most sex toys, Natural Contours' products are all free of phthalates (chemicals used to soften hard plastics that are linked to cancer and reproductive problems).

Natural Contours felt their products had the potential to address some of the more personal aspects of this cancer: ''Breast cancer can have a big impact on a woman's intimate life,'' says co-founder and Director of Marketing Candice Royalle. ''Between the effects various treatments may have on hormones and desire, and the fact that a womans' breasts can play a significant role in her sexual identity, the Petite Pink Ribbon is a way to give women permission to continue to think of themselves as sexual beings. It's like saying, ''You're still sexually alive, and here's a little something extra to help you stay that way!'''
The Petite Pink Ribbon will be released in October in honor of everyone affected by breast cancer.

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