Joan Rivers Isn't A Fan of Christina Aguilera's Curvier Bod

Joan Rivers has been making us laugh while criticizing everyone (and their mom) since the 1960’s. She’s made a career of calling the stars out on their appearance and poor fashion choices in the least delicate way possible. No one is safe—we all get it, it’s her shtick. 

But isn’t it pretty hard to watch women criticize women so cruelly sometimes? It’s a never-ending cycle of “Is she too fat? Too skinny? Isn’t she just plain ugly? That dress makes her look terrible!” Although it’s a constant media topic, clearly, the body image game isn’t getting much easier for us ladies. We already have men giving us a hard time on, not only our looks, but our personalities (here’s looking at you, Adam Carolla). Why can’t we celebrate all celebrity shapes instead of just the thinnest of the thin? A little junk in the trunk is never a bad thing. 

Rivers doesn’t appear to agree with this outlook. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon recently, the comedienne described Christina Aguilera as “fatso” with a “no neck look.” While I’m not Xtina’s biggest fan (I’m more of a Britney Spears girl) I still don’t believe that’s fair. She may not be in “Fighter” weight, but The Voice judge doesn’t deserve be described as “lumbering;” she has a post-kid bod. I wouldn’t even blame her if she went out and enjoyed some Ben & Jerry’s after being described as larger than a cow on national television.

But, it’s hard to tell a comedienne what jokes are fair game and which aren’t. There’s the first amendment and all. Hopefully, there will one day be a media culture where women don’t tear each other apart to get a paycheck. Or at least a day when criticism can be based on a woman’s words instead of her dress size. And obviously, no one in the public eye is safe from Rivers’ critical gaze, not even the comedienne herself. The Joan & Melissa star titled her New York Time’s bestseller I Hate Everyone, Starting With Me. She even describes her own legs as “48 Shades of Blue” during her Fallon interview. Whether you agree with her sentiments or not, at least she adheres to equal opportunity hating. For more on Rivers, stay tuned for an interview with the woman herself in the upcoming August/September issue of BUST!  

Watch the video below!

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