Joan Rivers Has Some Handcuffs and She's Not Afraid to Use Them

Famously peeved funny lady Joan Rivers has a new source for her unbridled (and often hysterical) ire. This time, it’s the wholesale super store Costco that's under fire. What did the bulk supplier do to make the queen of mean so darn mad? 

They’re not selling her book, I Hate Everyone...Starting with Me, due to some “offensive” content. Shame on you Los Angeles Costco! How dare you? The 79-year-old badass (who talks about her book in our latest August/September issue) handcuffed herself to a shopping cart and even brought a film crew. Because, once you start working for E! Network, I’m pretty sure you legally have to bring one everywhere.

Police were then called in to escort Rivers from the scene. Obviously she wasn’t arrested or given a citation--that would probably just piss Rivers off more. It’s evident just from the title of her memoir that no one is safe from Joan's hatred. So, where could Joan show up next, handcuffs in hand? I came up with a few possibilities for the lady with the megaphone...

Barnes and Noble 

What if they’re not selling her book well enough? Rivers will probably pop up to start selling her memoir herself at a local B&N. And why not? Would you drop $13-$20 bucks because the apathetic high school employee is drifting around the biography section mumbling recommendations, or because Joan Rivers is screaming in your face? Exactly. 

The Chelsea Handler Show

Earlier this year, Joan got into a war of words with fellow E! star Chelsea Handler over who was rude to who first. The jury is still out on the verdict, though. An in audience heckling-and-handcuffing incident is just waiting to happen. Whenever that happens, be prepared, Ryan Seacrest will probably have a heart attack.

NBC Headquarters

Rivers has a really strong aversion to Christina Aguilera. If she’s ever chained to 30 Rockefeller Plaza demanding that the diva is dismissed from NBC's The Voice, don’t be surprised.  

The Set of Tom Cruise’s next movie

The comedienne mentions her dislike for Tom Cruise a number of times in Starting With Me. Unfortunately, the last movie he was filming (sci-fi flick Oblivion) is now in post-production. But, alien adventure All You Need Is Kill is next up. Can’t wait for her to pop up on set. I bet Cruise is even more excited.

Photos courtesy of CBS LA, TMZ, Blogspot, The Stir and EW

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