Jo Calderone, (Wo)Man of Mystery...?

Okay. Before I say anything at all, look at these photos.


Many many sites, including the ol’ Huff Post are up in arms about these photos, which are slowly being released on the website SHOWstudio. (Can we go over the massive ad down the side, please? Hah!)

The story: An editorial photo shoot by Nick Knight with the working title “Elegant Mechanics” for Vogue Hommes Japan with new male model Jo Calderone.

The buzz: Gaga in disguise?

Here are the peculiar breadcrumbs that are leading everyone toward this being true.

1. Calderone is styled by the fashion director of the mag, Nicola Formichetti…you know, Gag’s stylist.
2. Um, look at the pictures. Let’s be real here.
3. Lady Gaga’s full name is Stephanie Joanne Germanotta.
4. Jo Calderone…Alejandro + C. Hm.
5. Good pal Perez Hilton’s incessant Twitterings about his sexy “husband”!

I think that all points to yes, yes? You decide, if possible.

More often than not, Gag does what she does to make a statement, and I can’t help but love androgyny as it is. I wonder if this is just a loving nod to gender expression or if it truly has something to do with all of the crazy past allegations of maleness and/or hermaphroditism. Either way, everyone loves a mystery. Well played, Lady.

[images: Huffington Post]

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