Jill Soloway's All In The Waiting

Jill Soloway- Emmy Award-winning writer, director, feminist, friend of and collaborator wit Diablo Cody, recently posted a new short film, All In the Waiting. According to them, "Soloway and writer/actress Frankie Shaw challenged themselves to make a short in 24 hours. ALL IN THE WAITING was made this for one day on earth, an on-line film festival that asked people to show a slice o' their world." A frenetic ode to the gritty, sunbaked beauty of LA combined with an exploration of ADD and sexual perception of women (with lots of hot pink flourishes!) it strays from her more typical, comedy-driven format; you wouldn't be surprised to come across it in a gallery's video art exhibition 


ALL IN THE WAITING from Jill Soloway on Vimeo.



high school photo of Jill courtesy therumpus.net

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