Jennifer Herrema and Pamela Love Collaborate on Kickass Jewelry

Jennifer Herrema, the musician best known as one half of Royal Trux, has partnered up with jewelry designer Pamela Love to form Feathered Fish—a new collaboration between the women, started with the help of Drag City. Though Herrema is known primarily for her music and Love for her design, both are artists of many disciplines; Herrema has designed clothing herself and Love is also a musician. 


Herrema and Love have debuted the first item of their collaboration, a re-imagining of the Royal Trux skill ring. Only 40 of the rings will be made, but this is certainly not going to be Feathered Fish’s single endeavor. Herrema and Love plan on designing and producing even more limited edition jewelry, art objects, and clothing. Helmed by two style icons and badasses in their own right, Feathered Fish promises to be a rocking collaboration. 


Source: Drag City

Photos via blurt-online.com, miista.com

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