Japanese Company's Got You Covered


When it comes to your wedding, there are a lot of things to worry about: the dress, the weather, the food, whether or not you'll fall on your face during the first dance. But one problem that never occurred to me to worry about is whether or not my side of the aisle will be as full as my husband's. Thankfully, the Japanese company, Office Agents, has prepared for this just in case.

 The company rents out fake friends to weddings so it looks like you have a lot more friends than you really do to impress your new family who obviously cares about things like this. They've also taken advantage of the recession by adding on services for fake bosses and colleagues to the unemployed who don't want to be embarrassed at their wedding. The price starts at roughly $200 USD, but if you want them to give a heartwarming speech that'll be an extra $130, and you'll be coughing up $65 for a dance.

I really want to meet the person who cares about this, seriously. -Celeste

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