Jane Lynch & Joan Rivers on Male Politicians and Their Sudden Interest in Our Vaginas

On Monday night, comedian/actress Jane Lynch tried her hand at celebrity-interviewing when she filled in on Piers Morgan Tonight. Aside from making me wish she hosted a talk show on CNN instead of panders-to-women Piers Morgan, she interviewed Joan Rivers, and together (after Rivers admitted, of politicians, that she “hates them all”) they touched on certain issues in politics today. Specifically, the egregious amount of time politicians spend campaigning—as opposed to actually doing anything for the country—and naturally, the back-from-the-dead Republican agenda that seeks to “wrestle American women back into chastity belts” (as Maureen Dowd put it). We’ve heard this problem discussed by liberal politicians, op-ed columnists, bloggers, and MSNBC pundits—but hearing it from smart, sassy celebrities shows that this is less of a political concern and more of a human one. Especially considering that Joan Rivers, a lifelong Republican, had this to say about the attack on reproductive rights:

Rivers: "The issues are wrong. The abortion issue? If you don't have a uterus, I'm not interested."

Lynch: "I don't want to hear [men] talk about it. I don't want a panel of men telling us about contraception and health plans.”

Rivers: “You know what? Then you pay for your Viagra.”

Watch the clip here:

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