It's Time to Protect the Women Who Protect Our Country

Seeing as how the women in our military risk their lives every single day while on duty, it would only seem logical that they should have the best health care possible. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case. Servicewomen and dependents are currently banned from using their insurance coverage for abortion if they are a victim of rape or incest. It’s deplorable, and a new group, Stand with Servicewomen, has come together to fight the ban. New television ads calling for an appeal of the ban will run during the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.  It’s a critical time to air them, as abortion rights have become a defining and dividing issue in the upcoming election. One ad, seen below, features three female veterans who have recently returned from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan speaking on behalf of those who are currently serving. They express their powerful sentiments on the ban: “I expected the horror of war in Iraq – but I expected better from my own government.” 


In another ad, Lieutenant General Robert Gard Jr. says it well: “Women in the military deserve better care. Period.”  If you oppose this awful law, you can sign a petition through their website.

Image via standwithservicewomen.org


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