It's Time to Live Our Lives in Color.

The "Let's Colour Project" is an international outreach project sponsored by Dulux paint company.  Beginning back in March 2010, volunteers traveled to the drab and dreary corners of the globe spreading brighter colors in hopes to transform communities and the people within them.  With every brushstroke, members of "Let's Colour" have created spiritual and emotional transformations from London, Rio de Janeiro and Paris to Jodhpur, India.  

The project's blog records the color transformations in each city, as well as the locals' color choices and where their inspiration comes from.  The project is all about getting the community involved.  Coerce enthusiasm becomes infectious amongst the crowd and the vibrant yellows, greens and oranges create smiling faces galore!  Schools, streets, homes and community squares are a few of the things that have been transformed.

Check out their amazing new commercial for the project:

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"Let's Colour" says that "it doesn't matter if it's your bedroom wall or your local school.  Everyone can be a part of it."

Some Philly pals o' mine actually "colored their world" a year or so ago in their slightly scary/gray neighborhood of Kensington.  They painted rows of concrete blocks littered down the streets with murals of mini cityscapes and tropical islands.  

Brian Dwyer blogged about the adventure and noted that the experience was nothing short of incredible:  "Very satisfying. You wouldn’t believe how much life a few buckets of paint can bring to an otherwise dull and sterile place. To those of you reading who favor brilliance and excitement over the mundane and depressing, I highly recommend picking up a paint brush and giving it a shot sometime."

What are you waiting for? Get to coloring!

photo credits: thecolourproject.com, blogaganoush.com

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