It Was Only a Matter of Time

clip_image004.gifIf you're scared that obsessively washing your hands isn't enough to protect you from swine flu, you might want to consider wearing a surgical mask. But, then you're going to encounter a dilemma - how can I wear a bland white surgical mask with this kickin' outfit? It'll throw off my whole look!

FluFashion.net has come out wclip_image006.gifith a line of masks that have patterned and colored covers. You can get tie-dye or bandanna masks, each that will filter out anything larger than .3 microns 95% of the time (a human hair is 100 microns).

Of course, you could play it DIY-style and just draw a big set of red lips on your plain mask with a marker. Or bathe in Lysol. Whatever gets you through the pandemic.

Gawker also has a piece up about fashionable masks. I think my favorite is the guy on the phone who has a moustache drawn on his. Personally, I'd draw on both big red lips and a handlebar 'stache. -Liza

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