It's pretty amazing...and I don't gain a pound using it!

Meet our newest office crush: youtube user ycfan1985. This dude loves his goddamn Yankee Candles! 

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I sincerely want to bro down with this guy. He seems to genuinely appreciate the details. He doesn't make the typical "haul" video: each scent comes with a childhood memory or imagined scenario described in vivid detail. I feel like if we were buds, he'd notice when I got a haircut or new perfume and he'd definitely comment on it. He'd be down to keep me company at the laundromat even though that's such a waste of a day off. If I was in a cranky mood and being really short, he'd say something like, "Look Caroline, we can sit here and bicker or we can go get candy and ice cream and watch the Wife Swap marathon on Lifetime. It's your call."


Watch his candle haul video below and have a great weekend. 

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