Is This 16 and Pregnant Spoof Funny? Or Just Sad?

I don’t even own a TV, so it’s not really difficult for me to avoid 16 and Pregnant. However, even if my apartment was filled wall-to-wall with televisions (which would be a  pretty weird decorating choice, but whatever), I’d probably avoid the hit MTV reality show. Admittedly, I have seen a few episodes, but I always find the show pretty tragic. When I do watch TV, I prefer something a bit more lighthearted, like 30 Rock, or Parks and Rec, or okay, okay, Pretty Little Liars.

This spoof on Yahoo’s video channel takes the tropes that the show is so well-known for and turns them on its head with 16 and Abstinent. The spoof shows 16-year-old Allie Mae practicing abstinence, despite getting pressure from her pregnant friends, boyfriend, and even parents to have sex.

Yeah, it’s funny. But it’s also pretty sad. One of the funniest — and saddest — moments comes when one of Allie’s friends says, “My boyfriend doesn’t like it when I talk.” The whole video rings true to something I remember from high school: nowadays being a virgin (and choosing to be a virgin) can bring upon more criticism than openly having sex.

What do you think of the spoof? Let me know in the comments below.  

Image: Via Yahoo!

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