Is That Madonna in your Livingroom or is it Just March 30th 2010?

   Oh that's right. 

On the last day of March, the New-York-Post-canonized "Our Lady of Perpetual Motion" will release recordings from her 2008 "Sticky and Sweet" global concert tour on DVD and CD.  The video portion was filmed over four days in Buenos Aires, and also includes backstage footage from other stops around the world.

   Madonna has been making records since Reagan was in office.  Her music precedes the Chicken McNugget and the Thriller video, not to mention my birth and Britney Spears'.  Just financially speaking, "Sticky and Sweet," in post-McNugget 2008, was the most successful concert tour completed by a solo artist... ever.  After a quarter century of being famous she's still asserting, and re-asserting, her strength.  No doubt the DVD will just keep her moving.


P.S.  Madonna has announced through her website that she has donated $250,000 to relief efforts in Haiti.  Her donation supports Partners in Health (www.pih.org), a leading Haitian health care provider.  Fans who would like to join the effort to match her contribution are urged to go to the PIH website or help in any way they can.

Photo Courtesy of Madonna's Website (madonna.com)

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