Is Katie Couric Seriously Talking About Kate Middleton's Weight?


There are a few things that always put a bad taste in my mouth: black licorice, cinnamon gum, and hearing women talk about other women's bodies. I'm not sitting high enough on my horse to claim that I've never been guilty of it. Still, it's something I try to be aware of. The only body I live in is my own, and it's the only one I have any business being concerned with. I feel pretty passionately about this, which is why I physically cringed upon hearing Katie Couric's commentary on Kate Middleton's body


Let it be noted that Couric is a smart woman, a great journalist. However, the comments that she made over Middleton's body (she said, "I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin.”) sound more like something a catty ninth grader would say, which I think is precisely why this comment irks me so much. This comment isn't from an uneducated or immature female; it's from a nationally recognized journalist. 


Middleton's weight is often discussed by the kinds of magazines that are next to bubblegum when you're checking out at the grocery store. But when an intelligent woman reiterates the comments those magazines are making, it legitimizes them. Suddenly it's okay to talk about this woman's weight, or any woman's weight, and it's just not. 


Tell me: Are you as offended by these comments as I am? 


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