Introducing Slutever: Sex in the City for the VICE Generation


Slutever, Vice's newest web series, takes a play from Sex in the City's book as it follows sex blogger and NYC night kitten Karley Sciortino. She ponders the most pressing issues we may encounter in dating: from what to wear on a date to how soon is too soon for anal. 

In the first episode, Sciortino travels around New York City asking experts, friends, and her own mother for their pearls of relationship wisdom. She sits down with life coach/love doctor Tracy Steinberg for tips on how to proceed now that she's, "like, over dating DJs." Later on, Alexis Penney, her friend and a professional drag queen, employs a banana and pair of limes to give a lesson on the ultimate blow job. 

It looks to be way more edgy than Sex in the City ever was, as it addresses an all-encompassing look into human sexuality. It'll be fun to see a series on dating and sex from a young woman's perspective, and I hope Vice manages to combine their tongue-in-cheek humor with a degree of respect. 

Slutever premieres online today. Watch the trailer below:


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