Inspired by Edie Sedgwick, David J showcases a music theatre event

David J, co-founder of Brit bands Love & Rockets and Bauhuas, lends his talent for a rock concert/theater event in Los Angeles starting November 30th. The director finds new meaning in the rise and fall of Andy Warhol muse, Edie Sedgwick. The show explores Edie as Persephone, a modern-day queen of the underworld, with Warhol acting as Hades. David J leads the band, Silver for Gold, through songs that are melancholy and eerie in conjunction with blue periods in her life. The band includes David J on vocals, Michael Berg on guitar, David Raven on percussion, and Ysanne Spevack on the violin/viola.

The five performances take place at the Roy and Edna Disney Calarts Theatre in LA. (631 W. 2nd St). The show begins Wednesday, November 30th and runs everyday at 8:30 pm until Saturday, December 3rd. Tickets are $20-25 for general audience and $16-20 for students--buy them online at Redcat or by phone at 213-237-2800. [Sources: Image Credit]

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