Ink, Y'all!

paula-deen-butter-tattoo-2.jpgSometimes there really isn't a good way to start this other than to just jump in with the meat of the story, so that's what I'm going to do.
There is a young woman in this world with a Paula Deen tattoo.
Lindsey Mitchell was apparently so enamored of the southern cook that she got a tat of a stick of butter with the words ''butter, y'all.''
I'm not going to judge anyone for their ink choices. This isn't even the craziest idea I've seen (the same site has a post about a woman with Rachael Ray's face on her back - that might take the poorly-made, 30-minute cake if you ask me). But I do have to wonder how Lindsey is going to feel about this down the road.
I hope she abides by my personal ink theory - that even if you are no longer interested in whatever it is you had inked on your body, at one time it was important enough to you to do that, so you should see it as a representation of that chapter in your life.
If you're wondering what the lady herself thought about it, there's a video after the cut of her talking about how great it is.
So, are there any BUSTies out there with crazy ink? Something other people might scoff at? Something everyone swears you are going to regret? Let's hear all about them! -Liza

(photo via foodnetworkhumor.com)

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