In Search of the Best Green Products Evs: Any Suggestions?

Here at BUST Magazine, we consider ourselves to be some pretty green ladies.  But in a world inundated with vegan-this and eco-friendly that, we also realize it’s hard to know which green products are the best of the best.

As the resident vegan intern, cool eco-friendly stuff is close to my heart.  That’s why in anticipation of our first ever Earth Issue, I’ll be testing a ton of my favorite beauty products, clothing and food. Check out my eco-chic review series on BUST.com before the issue comes out, so you can be green and ready for fall!

I’ll be reviewing products I personally love in the upcoming weeks including: awesome beauty products by Aubrey Organics, JASON, Avalon Organics, Futurenatural, and Herban Lifestyle, delicious vegan food and teas from Upton’s Naturals, Earth Balance, Chicago Soydairy, Mountain Rose Herbs, and amazing clothing and jewelry from Dirty Librarian Chains, Vaute Couture, Study NY, and Shabd.

But, hey, this isn’t just about my opinion--we want to hear from you!  Tell us what green/eco-friendly/vegan products you love or have been dying to try!


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