In Our Space Hero Suits

Scandanavia lets the sun shine in with the peppy pop sounds of In Our Space Hero Suits, the danceable party-time masterpiece from girl-group Those Dancing Days.

I dare you to listen to Those Dancing Days’ debut full-length, In Our Space Hero Suits, and not fall in love with their pop perfection, which is like a freaking ray of supercool sunshine straight out of 1982. This gem comes from a fivesome of bright, young Swedish gals and draws from Northern Soul influences as well as classic New Wave girly bands like the Go-Go’s, the Waitresses, and the Flirts: think blaring saxophones, rolling drums, and bouncy keyboards in double-time ska stomps. Frontwoman Linnea Jönsson’s syrupy deep voice and Lisa Pyk Wirström’s artful command of the keys—which is clearly inspired by Elvis Costello and the Attractions—make their retro sound well-informed and irresistible. “Hitten” will win over the crabbiest cynic, and the blunt lyrics of “Actionman” speak to every girl who has experienced love fade, as Jönsson sings, “Still I don’t lie when I say I love you/But I’m a girl who needs some action/You are not my action man anymore.” These ladies aren’t just ubertalented, they may have made a near flawless song in “Those Dancing Days,” a track destined to appear on DJs’ turntables in dark, hip clubs within a matter of minutes.

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