Iggy Pop and Best Coast "True Blood" Collaboration

What happens when you team up punk-rock legend Iggy Pop and surf-pop darling Bethany Cosentino? You get a rockin’ track that’s a little gritty, a little sweet, and utterly infectious. The forefather of punk rock and the Best Coast front woman were approached to collaborate on a song that premiered on air this past Sunday in the new episode of HBO's True Blood, and really dug the idea. Music fans may've heard the song online a week earlier, out of context of the episode, which contains the same name. Pop and Cosentino, both self-proclaimed fans of the show, recorded “Let’s Boot and Rally,” which was co-written by KCRW DJ James Combs, and True Blood music supervisor Gary Calamar. 

The track opens with heavy drums and a robust bass line, setting the tone for an explosive romp. Pop’s rugged vocals enter the song and are eventually backed by Cosentino’s countering melodious and sunny ‘ahhs.’ She then joins him for a round of the catchy repeated line “boot and rally! / boot and rally!” in a chorus reminiscent of The B-52s. Although it’s a pretty straightforward track, it still makes for a good time and will probably be stuck in your head until someone starts humming “Call Me, Maybe.” 

Take a listen to the track, below, and check out the June/July issue of BUST for a feature on True Blood’s own Anna Paquin! 

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