If You Thought Spray Condoms Were Craz-o
wacky rubbers

I promise you this site will boggle your mind. Hands down the most insane condoms I have ever seen in my life. Hand painted? Lights? Music? What would you do if someone rolled one of these on when you were getting hot and heavy? First off you would have to put a condom on the condom to keep from getting paint chips all up in you. The lights and sound only go off when the tip is touched. Wouldn't the music get all muffled? And this of course leaves the question, if a rave is going off inside your vagina and no one is inside to see it, did your vagina even party? My favorites after the jump!

There are so many amazing ones it was really tough to choose. The first 2 rows are from the funny category.

sausage sausagedinogasmask

What we have here is a sausage for your sausage, a dino, and a gas mask. Now I think if someone put gas mask on their dick I would be way offended, hand painted or not.

grey thinghandmushroom

I have no idea what this brown thing is with a pink tip? Why does the hand have a face and such muppet looking eyebrows. As for the mushroom, I try to avoid doorknob dicks, why would you purposely want to make it fat at at the cap? Gross!


I am not sure what the difference is between flashing and glowing but regardless these light up your love tunnel. Please note the blood on the sharks mouth and WTF on the moon's nose. And lastly, my favorite is a tie between two British toppers Big Ben and a tea pot. Drum roll please
big bentea pot

Your face is blown away by the shear insanity I am sure.

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