I Want To Be Where The Donuts Are

2262129722_b553c5d55b.jpgDid you know that today is a holiday? A very important one at that.

Yup, it's National Donut Day! If you follow that link, the Daily News has a list of places around NYC that are giving away free donuts in celebration. Yum yum yum.

Also in June: pig out for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on the 7th, National Iced tea Day on the 10th, Eat Your Vegetables Day on the 17th, National Chocolate Eclair Day on the 22nd and National Waffle Iron Day on the 29th. Not to mention the fact that it's Candy Month.

And don't forget to have a good shopping spree on the 18th in honor of National Splurge Day.

I'm loving this website. I found out that, fittingly, I was born during Sarcasm Month (on Brandied Fruit Day, to be exact). You can also look up celebrities that share your birthday if you're so inclined. Apparently I share Brandied Fruit Day with Bela Lugosi, Jerry Orbach, Tom Petty and Snoop Dogg. Hells yeah. -Liza

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