I see the world through pizza colored glasses

pizza eyesFor awhile now my economy gauge has been the price of a slice. I am very rarely in a car (I think I have only pumped gas once this year) so telling me how many miles to the gallon your car gets and how much it costs at the pump means dick to me. I have a sort of 'I pitty the fool' mentality for drivers. Even though I know gas prices effect everything including printing prices at BUST HQ, nothing drives the message home like a $3 slice. Watching the price of pizza is my equivalent to the dow.

A quick google of 'New York pizza prices and the economy' shows I am not the only one that uses this economy indicator. Check these two articles from the Guardian UK and the New York Times.

Now, thanks to The Economist pizza became even more informative. Check out these pizza boxes that they've been putting in Philly pizzerias around college campuses. What better way to get your message into the hands of the most college age kids as possible, plus who doesn't love a little food for thought. By the way if you want to follow the pizza dow, or just want to keep pie in your face this blog is the best.

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