I Really Wanted a Snazy Esoteric Justification for Posting this, but . . .


These ladies are the product of one very inbred pond in South Korea, they are the last of their kind because no male-equivalent exists. If you need to know more than that, check out Weird Asian News.

Ok, maybe I will be a little esoteric, its a bit of a personal compulsion. Anyways, I was struck by how different of an emotional response a fish gets when it has features resembling our own, even if its just a mutant pond-carp.

As a strange coincidence, the same day that I found this video, I had been looking at some work by Kiki Smith in a lecture about abject art.  Kiki regularly melds human and animal forms in moving and disturbing ways.


image from Walker Art Center

Of course we see anthropomorphism every day, sometimes its from Kiki and sometimes its Disney. But seeing it come straight out of nature really drives it home in a whole new way.


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