I Love My Fart Party

 I can't remember how I discovered Julia Wertz's comic Fart Party but I do remember my old coworkers looking over my shoulder and saying, 'What the hell is Fart Party? What kooky business are you looking up?' The answer was simple, it's a comic put out by this girl from San Francisco who now lives in Brooklyn and she shares little stories from her childhood, as well as the crazy/odd/hilarious happenings in her life now.

Anywho, if you're a fan you should lend her some support. She has icky health care bills that need to be paid, which I feel everyone has had some experience with (damn my stupid teeth!), and will be holding a little fundraiser with booze and snacks. If you have a medical horror story of your own you can share it there, buy some of her art and listen to a comic reading. Or, just go to her site and purchase Vol. 1 and/or 2 of Fart Party from there.

If you're interested the gathering is on Sept. 18th at 282 Broadway, #2, in Brooklyn, NY at 8 PM.


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