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dirty sugar cookies

One of my favorite parts of BUST has always been Ayun Halliday's Mother Superior column. Many years ago my fandom propelled me to hunt down back issues of her zine, East Village Inky , and burn through her books No Touch Monkey and Job Hopper. For some reason I'd never gotten a copy of Dirty Sugar Cookies until now and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

I've always loved to eat but recently my obsession with food has reached epic proportions. Not only is DSC full of Ayun's typically hilarious culinary memories and misadventures, but also each chapter ends with a related recipe. It was like I'd struck gold! So far, the gub-gub brownies is my fave (so rich and buttery and delicious you'll have to give them away to all your friends to ensure you don't die by compulsively eating the whole pan yourself), but Inky's tofu and broccoli dish is a close second. Eating it, cooking it, reading about it...gawd, I love food.


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