How to Live Forever review

Have you ever worried about getting old? I’m pretty sure everyone over the age of 10 has, and director Mark Wexler certainly does. He thinks about it so much that he set out to find some answers about longevity, and his new documentary film, How To Live Forever is an interesting look at aging in our society. I asked my pal, Ari Seth Cohen who created the inspiring blog, Advanced Style to check out the movie with me.

While some of Wexlers concerns about aging and dying come across as annoying, there is no doubt it is a rich topic that affects all humankind. He travels to a fishing village in Japan, where living past 100 is considered normal, where the folks interviewed seem pretty fit and happy. He talks to fitness guru, Jack Lalanne, and my all time favorite comedienne, Phyllis Diller, a wacky seeming Suzanne Somers, as well as many other unknown adorable old folks who have lots of wisdom to disperse. Perhaps the most surprising is 101 year old Buster, a chain smoking, beer guzzling marathon runner! There are a few uncomfortable moments, like the visit to a funeral directors convention, but over all, I liked the film, and agree with several of the scientists and philosophers interviewed that getting old is not something to be feared, but to embrace and go with. Besides, worrying about it gets you nowhere, and surely spoils the good times you should be having. One thing that I took away from the movie is this, it’s important to go talk to your elderly friends and relatives, they have quite a lot to say, and are probably a lot cooler than you think! Movie release date is May 13. Click here for theaters.


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