How to Get Down, Downton-Style

If you, like so many of here at BUST, are a great big fan of Downton Abbey, you're likely to have daydreamed at least once about how awesome it would be if your life were more like this excellent BBC drama. If you've ever lusted after one of Lady Mary's gowns or wondered about the etiquette behind all those carefully-placed little dinner spoons, check out this article on Buzzfeed. You'll find some fantastic suggestions for how you might go about throwing a Downton Abbey-style dinner party.

These tips come from the The Butler's Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces, by butler extraordinaire, Stanley Ager.  The Foreword of the book was written by the historical advisor to Downton Abbey, so you know you're getting some quality D.A. deets right here. With these tips under your belt, you're sure to throw a shindig that even the Dowager Countess couldn't poo-poo (JK, lady can poo-poo whatever she damn well pleases). 


Photos via Buzzfeed

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