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I want a pink car, dammit!

Last year, Nisssa painted one of their compact model cars pink, then toured it around the UK as part of a breast cancer fundraising event. NOt surprisingly, folks begged Nissan to produce the car in pink for reals -- and they did. The 100 units sold out quickly, so they came back with another 150. STateside we never even had a chance at this pink panther, since this cutie car, the Nissan Micra, isnt' even for sale here.

It's not the first time a pink car has been made -for a good number of years, Fiat made their car, the Panda, available in varying shades of pink. This Pepto Bismal one's from 1992:


So why no pink cars? I guess it's because the thought of driving a pink car might make most men shrivel up with fear and embarassment. But it makes me moisten with excitement and pride! I mean, c'mon, when are the tech companies and automotive manufactureres going to finallly realize that there's no shame in being "girly"? How much did the sales of the pink iPod drive iPod sales among women? Haven't we learned anything from the blockbuster success of pink cell phones?

We're here, we hold pink dear, get used to it.

VW, are you listening?

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