Hot Piece of MEAT: Funny Ladies Strike Back at Street Harassers


Ladies, are you sick and tired of having to put up with catcalls and lewd remarks on the streets? Comedians Shanika Powell and Samantha Riddell, of brand-spanking new comedy group SlamPow! Productions, sure as hell are. They address the sexual harassment women face on the streets of NYC in a three-minute role-reversing scene.

The parody, aptly titled “Meat,” features several females verbally harassing a dude who is walking innocently through the streets. These ladies spew over-the top lewd remarks at the increasingly uncomfortable guy, and he can’t seem to escape their sexual advances.



The YouTube description of the video states: “Although this 3-minute skit is clearly an exaggeration, it speaks to the absurdity of vocalized objectification.” As a girl who has been verbally harassed by men at LEAST three times any given day in New York, I can really stand behind their message. 



If you want more head on over to SlamPow!'s Facebook page. These ladies are ones to watch out for! 


Images via facebook.com/slampowproductions 

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