Hot Off the Presses—Our Feb/Mar Issue with Jason Schwartzman

The Feb/Mar issue of BUST is our “Love & Sex” issue, and you’re gonna swoon when you see what’s inside. Indie hunk Jason Schwartzman graces the cover, and tells all about his quirky new flick and a special lady in his life. You’ll also get some drop-dead delicious recipes, DIY tutorials that are too cute to be believed, Japan’s latest dating trend, and some bedroom tricks you won’t learn anywhere else. 

We’re dedicating this issue to everybody’s favorite topics, Love & Sex, and you’ll definitely get hot for these stories:

  • Romantic fashion modeled by real-life couples
  • V-Day cards that’ll make you smile
  • Beautiful cream blushes
  • Phone-sex tips for amateurs
  • The cutest custom shoes
  • Our fave new comedian, Tig Notaro
  • The Thinking Girl’s Guide to Erotica
  • The secrets to colorful ombre hair

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