Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go

hold.jpgBritish director Kim Longinotto's documentary, 'Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go', is having its broadcast premiere on PBS's POV series. The documentary is about the Mulberry Bush School in Oxford, England, home to forty emotionally disturbed children. Forsaking drugs, restraints, or other measures of punishment, the staff at Mulberry instead use patience and embraces.

The documentary follows five students between the ages of five through twelve throughout the course of a year. As best put on the official site, 'To watch a staff member restrain a hysterical child in his or her arms for as long as it takes the child to calm down is to watch a wrestling match between human reason and human self-destruction, as heart-wrenchingly expressed in the lives of troubled pre-adolescents.' The film first airs on Tuesday, July 28th at 10PM on PBS. Watch the trailer below.


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