Hit So Hard

Patty Schemel, former drummer for Hole (among others), is a survivor. She found success in one of the biggest acts of the 90s, but along with her rock-star lifestyle came some dark moments, and while Patty played the shit out of the drums, life equally played the shit out of Patty. The story of her life and career is told in Hit So Hard, a documentary that opens in theaters on April 13th.

A drummer holds every song together, and with her focused expression, steady arms, and bare feet, Patty established herself as a powerful presence. It's easy to see why Kurt and Courtney fought over her having her in their bands, and why she was “very nearly” in Nirvana. In the doc, we see on-stage and backstage footage from Hole’s Live Through This tour, and interviews with Courtney Love and other rockers close to Patty. The drummer also candidly shares her roller coaster of a story with viewers.

A strong personality who was frequently misunderstood, Patty found an outlet in the punk rock scene. But drug use brought Patty’s career to a halt. Her addiction took its toll, and as she watched friends succumb to their own vices, she struggled to stay alive. Patty's now in a much better place mentally and physically, inspiring up-and-coming chick rockers to work hard and stay true to themselves. Check out the film's website for more info, and showtimes.

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