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 By no means do I consider myself a karaoke queen. But with the help of Hit Me with Your Best Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Karaoke Domination, I just might get there. Raina Lee (whoyou may know as the editor of super awes video game zine 1-Up) offers hilariously invaluable tips about creating your perfect set list, working the stage, and how to throw your own karaoke rager. So, pick it up and blow your friends away the next time you belt out Barracuda, or whatever your signature song may be. And if you’re in NYC, come to the release party Sunday at Lit! All the info after the jump.

Show Raina what you're made of! Cue Journey...

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Karaoke Domination by Raina Lee

• Meet author Raina Lee (also of 1-Up MegaZine)
• Get a signed copy of the book
• Win awesome door prizes!
• Sing your freakin’ heart out!

Sunday July 13, 11pm-4am
Karaoke Party w/ Colin, King of Karaoke!
93 Second Ave, btw 5th + 6th St
New York, NY
Colin runs an incredibly popular show in the East Village where anything goes. He’s listed in Hit Me With Your Best Shot as ESSENTIAL KARAOKE!! Not to be missed! Remember to call in sick Monday! You’ll lose your voice by Tuesday so the boss WILL believe you.

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